Turning Your Pet into an Instapet

Back when he was growing up my husband’s parents got a couple of very good guard dogs which the rest of us were seriously scared of, so I guess that’s one of the reasons why he refers to the miniature, fluffy poodle I want to get as something which is “less than a dog.” He always jokes that his name for “it” will be “Rat,” because that’s what he would see it as – nothing that can be referred to as a real dog, because real dogs are meant to serve a purpose such as protecting the house, aren’t they?

Supportive he definitely is though and thank God for that too because I’ve been doing some research beyond just “looking after your dog as a family pet or companion.” I’ll get back to the actual steps you can take to make it happen as far as turning your pet into an Instapet (making it famous on Instagram), as that is indeed the main topic of this post. But before I do I want to discuss some of the reasons why you’d want to make your #PetFamous in the first place.

A great monetisation opportunity

I was rather shocked one day at the apparent astuteness my husband showed when instead of laughing at what he would ordinarily deem to be the ridiculous collection of those handbags so-called handbag-dogs are carried around in, he started discussing the supply chain of these very popular products. Making your pet famous is indeed a great monetisation opportunity, and as the HiHouse range of products found in the pet category suggests, there are many products you can focus on as the subject matter of what forms part of making your pet famous to set everything up for monetisation.

You’ll always be compelled to look after it as best you can

Pets possess remarkable resilience, often relying on their innate animal instincts to endure moments when the usual affection from their owners might be lacking. However, if you’re nurturing an Instagram sensation out of your pet, ensuring they receive optimal love and care becomes non-negotiable. In this context, you’ll never overlook providing the utmost attention. To supplement your dedication, it’s prudent to consider a safety net like pet insurance. A comprehensive review of Health Paws Pet Insurance and other similar pet insurers can help you make an informed decision about the coverage that aligns with your pet’s unique needs. By coupling your devotion with reliable protection, you guarantee that your beloved companion receives the finest care possible, always!

The ultimate Instapet, Instafame approach

So if you want to fast-track your pet to Instagram stardom then you have to see your animal friend as the celebrity it is. That simply means copying any celebrity you follow by way of their approach to their public presence, including what they do over social networks.

Isolate the defining factor of your pet’s personality and build things up around that, perhaps starting with a blog on which you write about its care and share videos featuring some of the cute and crazy things it does.

Create a YouTube channel for it and link that to the blog and the Instagram account, because these days people prefer to watch videos over having to read written content. Written content is still important, however, so some informative articles published periodically should not be neglected altogether.

Basically treat the pet like a reality TV star and you’ll be well on your way to succeeding in making your pet famous on Instagram.