Taking a look at the services provided by a dentist in Ipswich

Most people think they are fully aware of the services and treatments that are being provided by their local dental practice, but the truth is many people have a limited way of thinking about dental practices and the work they carry out.

In more recent years, many dental practices have branched out into other fields of medical treatment, as these can help them provide services that their patients are seeking as well as new revenue streams that make the practice’s future more viable. One such medical area is facial aesthetics via the use of injectable cosmetic treatments, such as botox or dermal fillers, which are proving to have a growing demand at this time.

While the dentist in Ipswich may be providing these new and interesting cosmetic treatments, their primary aim is still to provide high-quality dental care that will allow their patients to achieve the oral health and hygiene standards that they desire. The availability of these services at dental practices allows patients to receive the treatments they are seeking in a clean and safe environment, where medically trained staff are on hand should an emergency occur during the procedure.

Still providing oral health and hygiene care

While dentists may have branched out into new and exciting fields of treatment, they are still carrying out their primary roles of providing high levels of oral health and hygiene care to their patients. This allows patients to still undergo their oral health check-ups and receive any treatments they may require, such as tooth fillings or extractions.

Patients will also be able to access services that could be seen as complementary to the treatments and services normally associated with dental care, such as the services provided by a hygienist. These services may include dental whitening and alignment treatments and oral hygiene care in the form of tooth cleaning, all of which can benefit patients in various ways and enhance their oral health and hygiene.

Patients should understand the importance of engaging with their dentists on a regular basis to undergo their oral check-ups; this is normally recommended to be every six months unless stated differently by a dental professional involved in the patient’s oral care.

Facial aesthetics at a dental practice

It may seem strange to be talking about receiving cosmetic facial treatments at a clinic that provides oral care, but with a little thought, it becomes clear that professionals working in these clinics may be well placed to provide injectable cosmetic treatments to the face, neck, and hands.

Many dental professionals have had a high level of training to ensure they can provide injections into the sensitive areas of the face without harming any of the muscles. This training puts them in the ideal position to provide patients with injectable cosmetic treatments.

Gaining more information

Dental clinics are no longer just associated with oral health care because, in many cases, they now offer patients so much more. Patients should feel encouraged to investigate the full range of services and treatments that are being offered by the dental practice they attend.