Spice Up Your Wedding with Custom Temporary Tattoos

If you were looking through Pinterest for ideas to spice up your wedding, you’ve probably stumbled upon the booming trend of temporary wedding tattoos. A lot of recent brides and grooms are getting in on the craze. The best thing about it is that you don’t even have to hire a tattoo artist! Companies like Tattoo Fun offer fantastic printable custom tattoos made the designs you send them. The only limit is your imagination!

Why Custom Tattoos?

First of all, they are unusual. They are not something you’ll find at any wedding. This will intrigue your guests and most importantly, make this night a night to remember. Temporary tattoos are easy to apply and last between 3 to 7 days. They can feature anything you want and you can order them in batches. Best of all, they are very affordable and fit into any wedding budget.

There are many ways you can use it to spice up your wedding. You could design tattoos that look like bracelets, have your guests tattoo your names and the date of your wedding, or anything else that pops to mind. However, taking inspiration from tattoo designs found online could give you many more ideas to consider. You can find tattoos resembling different wildlife creatures such as butterflies, snakes, etc. There are multiple websites like Thai.tattoo that could assist you in getting different and unique designs for your wedding. These tattoos are sure to cheer your guests up and look great in your wedding photos.

If you decide to go the tattoo route for your wedding celebrations, tap into the vast creativity available online. With so many talented artists and designers sharing their work, you’ll have no shortage of inspiration. Browse different styles and themes until you find concepts that feel like the perfect fit for you and your betrothed. Additionally, if you have a tattoo concept in mind that you want to customize, consider utilizing websites like tattoosai.com. These sites use artificial intelligence to seamlessly craft the ideal tattoo design according to your prompts.

Having said that, read below and get some ideas on how you can use custom tattoos to make this day to remember truly amazing.

Design Your Wedding Day Logo

What better way to make your wedding unique than to design your own wedding logo. You could feature wedding rings, the classic hearts and arrows or anything you fancy. Send out the tattoos along with your invitations or hand them out on your big day. Have the logo featured on your invitations and displayed on the wedding napkins, banners etc.

Feature Interesting Slogans

Create tattoos with funny slogans for your guest to wear. These could include anything from “Best Day Ever” or hashtags like ‘#weddingday’ to phrases like “Just Married” that anyone can wear and even tattoos designed for the bridesmaids, the best man, and the groom’s entourage.

Set up a Tattoo Parlour and a Photo Booth

If you choose to provide a temporary tattoo facility at the wedding, why not take it one step further and set up a pop-up tattoo parlour. You could feature all sorts of different tattoo designs for your guests to choose from. To make things even better, add a photo booth next to the parlour, so your guests can take pictures of their fresh tattoos. You can hire businesses like Smile Photobooth or similar others near the wedding venue to set up a photo booth for your guests to enjoy.

Design Cartoon Bride and Groom Portraits

If you are not that into logos and phrases, perhaps you could feature cartoon versions of yourselves for your guests to wear. Have a designer come up with a funny caricature of the bride and the groom, make animal or Muppet versions of yourselves or choose a completely different theme both you and your significant other love.