Signs You’ve Been Reading Too Many Magazines

Magazines are tempting us at every checkout line, every bookstore, and even online as things go more and more digital.  It’s easy to get sucked into the flashy headlines and beautiful people on the covers.  We see articles boasting “How to Be Happy NOW!” and it’s no wonder we want to pull out our wallets and plop down on the couch and start turning pages.


Reading too many magazines can start to have its effect on our perceptions of beauty and self-worth, however.  Here are some of the signs that you may be going just a bit overboard on the mags.

You Can’t Post a Selfie Without a Filter

Your mind has become so accustomed to seeing perfectly smoothed skin and not a stray hair in sight that the look of an unfiltered photo looks downright bizarre.  When your eye gets used to looking at photoshop edited images and the unnatural look of “perfection” becomes your reality, you lose your appreciation for flaws.

More and more people are getting plastic surgery under the age of 30, when once upon a time it was mostly for people in their 40’s and older who wanted to restore their youth.  Now it’s become an epidemic of wanting to completely alter our face even if we are young.

Some of the most beautiful paintings in history featured flawed people.  Flaws don’t have to mean something negative.  Often our flaws are what make us unique and authentic.  Apps such as Facetune or other face blurring effects can give us a false sense of security as we hide behind something that isn’t even what we look like.

You Think You’re “Fat”

Unless your doctor tells you that you are clinically obese, you are not qualified to call yourself fat.  The average female over the age of 20 has a BMI of 28.7.  The models that you look at in magazines are usually down towards a BMI of 19 or sometimes even lower.  

These models are not average physiques that you typically see walking down the street.  They are exceptionally long and slim either because they have a unique set of genes or in some cases because they aren’t getting enough nutrients.

To compare yourself to such an uncommon body type would be like comparing yourself to a fly and being frustrated that you can’t fly.  You can’t be what you aren’t, and that shouldn’t be something to feel terrible about.  Embrace your individuality and don’t compare yourself to what you see in the magazine.

You Have More Urges To Shop

Magazines have the tendency of making us feeling like we have to have the latest trends and fashions if we want to look good.

If you find yourself constantly feeling the urge to go run your credit card and get the latest fashion accessory or must-have, then you just might have been looking at magazines a little too much.