Retiring in Comfort: 7 Handy Devices That Allow the Seniors to Keep Their Independence and Simplify Their Everyday Lives

Retiring and senior living is often very difficult as various parts of the body simply don’t work as well as they used to. Unfortunately, many seniors have to fend for themselves and could use a little bit of extra help when it comes to enjoying everyday conveniences that most of us take for granted, from finding out more information about hearing aids to working out how to remember to take any medication. Fortunately, technology is well-advanced these days and there is plenty of help out there for all sorts of tasks that become a little more difficult as we get older. There are lots of devices and gadgets designed to assist seniors out there, including these 7 handy devices that allow seniors to keep their independence and simplify their everyday lives.

PERS Devices

One concern of independent living as a senior is the potential dangers of an illness or injury that comes suddenly and leaves them helpless. Personal emergency response systems (PERS) devices are not only an effective means of getting help to someone who has a medical or other type of emergency, but they also provide peace of mind.

Assistive Seating Device

Getting in and out of a chair doesn’t seem like a big deal, but those with arthritis, coccyx pain or other joint stiffness and ailments can benefit from these types of devices. They are installed in your favorite chair and help lift you as well as lower you into it in order to take the stress and strain off of your joints and muscles.

Medication Management

What many retired persons have more of than almost anything else are medications. Keeping track of the various medications they need to take and their times and dosages can be a pretty significant challenge. Medication management gadgets come in a wide variety of designs and with plenty of different features like an alarm reminder for each medication, dosage regulation and verification that the medication has been taken.

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

A common issue among the elderly is hearing loss. Maintaining and enjoying your independence is so much better when you can hear and communicate better with those around you. However, many seniors struggle with changing out batteries in their hearing aids. That can be remedied through a rechargeable hearing aid. Learn more about Miracle-Ear’s rechargeable hearing aid and get all the benefits of being able to hear better. If rechargeable hearing aids are out of your budget though, you could consider looking for some better hearing aid batteries. Perhaps EarPros (click here) could help people to learn more about these batteries.

Assistive Listening Device for the T.V.

For those who hear well most of the time, but can’t seem to hear the television well, the use of an assistive listening device designed for the television is a great option. These devices connect to your television and transmit the sound using wireless technology to a set of headphones. This allows you to hear your programs better without having to blast the volume. It’s even a great option when the grandkids are over and you want to hear the news.

Magnifier Floor Lamp

Reading fine print or any print at all can be a problem, especially in poor light. A magnifier floor lamp takes care of both issues. It has a flexible neck in its stand allowing you to pull the magnifier over your lap when you read or push it out of the way. Attached to the magnifier is a handy reading lamp to put just the right amount of light on the subject.

Swivel Seat Cushion

Getting in and out of a car is one of the most difficult challenges many seniors face. You can put an end to that issue with a swivel seat cushion for your car. This low profile seat allows you to easily turn your body and set your feet on the ground outside without having to put up a fight.


Being able to live independently can be a challenge for some seniors whose bodies just don’t perform like they used to. Many of those issues can be eliminated through the use of these 7 handy devices or any of a vast list of other devices to keep you active.