Remote Work for Motivated Self-Starters

Many people are entirely satisfied having a 9-to-5 job where they drive to their worksites, relax on their ergonomic office chair (from companies similar to office monster) and enjoy coffee while they sip on their favorite brew . However, certain other types of individual are more interested in doing motivated, self-starting jobs while they’re working from home. Environmental circumstances, personality, and basic attitude play a big role in this kind of preference from a professional perspective.

A few types of remote work for motivated people would include doing medical coding, generating content for employers, troubleshooting for clients, and doing database work. All of these can largely be computer-driven, and as long as a person sets aside time to do them accordingly at their home office, can be extremely satisfying and meaningful professions.

Medical Coding

It takes a little bit of training and technical knowledge, but there’s a need for remote medical coding services for a lot of different companies. Once you get your education, you can work from home doing a lot of secure work that will provide lots of administrative support for any company that needs medical coding done quickly, correctly, and efficiently. If you’ve ever worked in the healthcare field before, you understand the importance of this administrative work.

Content Generation

Websites need content. And writers don’t necessarily have to be on location to do this work. That’s why if you’re motivated and a good writer, you can freelance as a content generator for any company that has a website. As long as you understand how to research topics and put together sentences in a reasonable format, and you know the basics of search engine optimization, this might be exactly the type of job for you. It is competitive, and there are lots of people trying to get the good positions, so you do have to be at the top of your game to get higher-end jobs.


If you’ve ever tried to call a support line for a company, you probably eventually got on the phone with a troubleshooter. These people don’t necessarily have to work at the location of the business. They could be answering troubleshooting calls from a call center, or even potentially from home. To work in product support, all you have to do is understand the product and know how to follow a script along with certain lines of questioning.

Database Work

And though it can be a tedious job, if you get into database entry work you can make quite a bit of money. You simply have to be able to focus and type quickly and understand the basics of spreadsheet organization. There are tons of data entry jobs out there that are outsourced from companies so that their other employees can concentrate on different aspects of sales and production, rather than getting stuck doing mundane or automatic work. However, that work can benefit you as a remote employee.