Pros and Cons of Some Cultural Exploration

The information age has given us a chance to explore human cultures all around the world in ways never dreamed of before. Not too long ago in the past, the only ways to explore a different culture were to physically go there. Now, we can preview almost anything by digital means before taking that leap into actual experience.


But, cultural exploration, though it can be exciting, definitely has its ups and downs. A few matters to consider would be things like trying unfamiliar food, playing new sports, trying to identify with different television programming, using travel as a bonding experience, and understanding that physical travel to explore can be extremely expensive.

Bring On the Food

A huge part of exploring new cultures is the food. However, a fair warning about exotic locations. Your body may not be used to new food matter to the point where food poisoning is a real concern. There are tons of stories out there about tourists who get violently sick trying to eat like the natives. Be aware of that, and take your culinary journey slowly and carefully to avoid complications.

Try Out the Sports

If you’re from the U.S., you’re familiar with the standards like football and basketball, but when you travel other places, you’re going to catch more emphasis on things like rugby, or cricket, or games that you’ve never even heard of before. So try out foreign sports on a casual level, but understand that even those physical movements may be unfamiliar enough to cause significant injury if you’re not careful. People have entire lifetimes to familiarize themselves with basic sports motions – unusual ones can tie your muscles in knots quickly.

Scratch Your Head At Some Television

If you’ve ever tried to watch TV in a different language, or at least based on a different culture, then you know how odd the experience can be. But television is a huge part of most cultures around the world at this point. So turn the tube on, maybe watch a movie or two, and try to absorb the meaning of the difference between format, pacing, and other cinematic elements.

Use It As a Bonding Experience

Exploring different cultures naturally creates a bit of personal tension. But, if you choose to go through this tension with someone else, and use it as a positive experience, it can have a great effect of bonding people together. Need an idea for date night? Explore unusual ideas and cultures, even in pockets around your own city.

Experiences Can Be Expensive

One of the biggest cons regarding the idea of cultural exploration is that it can be very expensive. And if you’re not familiar with the costs of a culture, there are definitely con people that will rip you off at a moment’s notice.

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