Preparing for your Festival Weekend

Festival season is well and truly upon us. We love these events, there is nothing quite like a festival weekend, to lift your spirits, and recharge your batteries.


It seems we are not alone in thinking this. Festivals of all kinds are becoming increasingly popular. Every year new ones are added to the calendar.

In August there are nearly a hundred different festivals to enjoy, in the UK. You can find out if there is one near you by clicking this link to a comprehensive event calendar.

If you want to be able to really enjoy yourself preparation is essential. You need to go with the right mindset, and be prepared for the challenges of the British weather.

Look good

Of course, you want to look good at the festival. After all, dressing up is part of the fun.

However, it is rarely a good idea to buy expensive clothes for an event like this. Because you will be spending most of your time outside you are going to be exposed to the elements, and dirt. Even at dry events, the amount of dust that is thrown up means it is hard to keep white or light coloured festival clothing clean. You need to take this into account and choose darker colours.

Layer up

You need your outfit to protect you from the elements, so bear this in mind when choosing what you are going to wear. Try to wear layers, and take a bag to keep clothes in when you are not using them. Duffle and shopper style bags are great for this.

You can easily wear a top and a pair of shorts under your dress. That way you can just peel it off if you get too hot. Guys should do the same, it is not hard to fit a pair of shorts under your jeans, and wear two t-shirts.

For the women playsuits are also a fantastic option. They are fun to wear, but lightweight, so if you roll them up carefully you can easily get two or three into a small bag.

Festival essentials

Take a light jumper or cardigan too, to protect you if it gets chilly. You can always wrap it around your waist, or tie it around your neck.

If that does not appeal a blanket wrap is a great option. You can wear it, share it with a partner, drape it across your legs, or sit on it when the weather is good. It is an extremely versatile piece of clothing. If that does not appeal, consider buying a kaftan instead.

Wellies and waterproofs

Unfortunately, in the UK, you have to be realistic, and prepare for rain. The trick is to go prepared.

Buying a cheap pair of wellies is a wise precaution. There really is nothing worse than wet feet. It is also packing some sort of lightweight waterproof s. There are some great foldable options out there. Usually a mid length fold up festival Mac will provide adequate protection, but if you are wearing jeans or trousers, pack a pair of waterproof leggings too.