Living The Life Of An Outdoorsman (Or Woman)

While there may be many people opposed to hunting and fishing, there are plenty of people that enjoy these sports. They don’t just do them for fun, but they also do them for food. There is also more to being an outdoor lover than just hunting and fishing.


If you’ve ever wondered what it was like being an outdoorsman, or woman, here are some of the things you might catch them doing. You will also find a little reason behind why they enjoy these things so much.

Hunting And Fishing

Hunting and fishing aren’t just about trophies for most people that partake in these sports. Not only do they do it to feed their family’s but they also put a good deal of money into the items they need to do these sports they love so much. They buy guns, rangefinders, fishing rods,targets, and more.

These sports are also good for the environment. Spend some time on your local Department of Natural Resources website to learn about how hunting and fishing help with conservation and population control. Make sure that you follow the rules and regulations for these sports, though. Hunting often requires permits and in some states you may also need a concealed carry permit when transporting your guns to the hunting grounds (see this link for more info on concealed carry permits These laws are nessessary to make sure populations of animals are not overhunted and also to make sure that only responsible gun owners are pracitising the art of the hunt outdoors.

The Art Of Foraging

While you can spend time in the produce department buying vegetables and fruit, there are other ways to get these things that don’t even cost money. There are many people that forage for food in the wild. They take the time to learn what is safe to eat and then spend time in fields, lawns, and woods hunting down their favorite edibles.

From edible mushrooms to wild raspberries, there are plenty of free foods waiting in the wild. Did you know you can even eat dandelions? Both the flower and the leaves are edible. You can even make dandelion wine.

Camping And Other Outdoor Fun

Don’t just hit the wilderness to hunt, fish, and forage, spend a little extra time out there. There are so many things that you can do in the great outdoors. Many people enjoy things like boating, hiking, and even bird watching.

You could spend some time camping, whether you do it rustic in a tent or you go out in an RV. Luxury camping is even a thing now and many fashionable women head out in adorably decked campers to go “glamping.” There is a little something in the outdoors for everyone!

If you are interested in what it’s like being in the great outdoors you can test these things out without spending a ton of money. Find out when your area has free fishing days and invest in a cheap rod. Or even pitch a tent in your own front yard or sleep outside under the stars on a warm night.