How to Revamp a Room

Often, we can become bored with how we’ve styled and decorated a room, and if you are finding thing feel a bit stale, then it may be the perfect time for a change. The rooms in our home affect how we feel, so if we surround ourselves in outdated or drab décor then we can’t expect to feel at our best. A revamp to a room in your house can give you a new enthusiasm which you can apply to all aspects of life. If you are wondering how to brighten up a room on a budget, or just looking for design ideas, this guide on how to revamp a room will help you get started.

Rearrange the Furniture

Sometimes a change in where you position your furniture can make a room feel like new. If you have furniture that you don’t really use, donate it to charity and unclutter your space. This really works well in living rooms and bedrooms to give you a new space and fresh outlook.

Choose a new color

A fresh lick of paint is always a good way to revamp a tired looking room. That doesn’t mean you have to paint every wall, but you could try a feature wall with color or a patterned wallpaper. Or, you might try just painting all the woodwork in a room a new color. Painting can be quite a daunting tasks, which is why many people have been looking at easier alternatives, such as peel and stick wallpaper. Experiment and match soft furnishings to create a cohesive style.

Replace Fittings

Revamping a kitchen? Try replacing the cupboard doors, or painting them a new color to update it to a modern look. A carpet can look completely different if you add a rug to it, or revamp your settee by getting new cushion covers. A change in window dressing will also make a difference to how a room makes your feel. If you have more of a budget, go for some cool light fittings, or a modern style of radiator such as shown on Warmrooms.


Shelving is a great way to display special artefacts, books and collections, so add some to your room if you don’t have any already. Shelving is not just limited to a few horizontal lines, but modern shelving can be modular and have different shapes and levels for you to put your things. You might even consider floor to ceiling shelving that will also house a TV or stereo, and could also have doors to hide any messy areas, such as paperwork, to give a room a clean look.

To revamp a room, even the subtlest of changes can make a difference to how it looks, so it is possible to do even if you are on a budget. Your home is a place for you to relax and enjoy time with family, so having a pleasant place to spend some time is essential to your happiness and well-being. If you are getting fed up with you home décor, just take a few steps to revamp it and see the difference it makes to life!