How to Milk it Dry When You’re on a Lucky Streak

Well I suppose the reality of the situation is that it can go either way, in that you can wake up in the morning feeling like a million bucks or you can wake up feeling like some evil force sucked you into its equally evil dimension. Either way, life has to go on and you have to work through the reality you wake up to!

If you do indeed wake up feeling like a million dollar bank note and you just feel lucky, don’t let that lucky feeling go to waste. Even better for you if it’s some extended luck which you’re a beneficiary of and you go on to find out that you’re on somewhat of a lucky streak. Milk it for absolutely everything it has and don’t waste a single moment trying to work out where it came from, how it came to be and how long it’s going to last.

If you’re at a loss for plans by way of making use of your lucky streak, I have some ideas for you:

Invest Your Luck

How on earth does one “invest” something like luck? Well it’s not that hard if you think about it properly, but first you need to consider one of the questions which naturally accompany a lucky streak that suddenly happened upon you. Whenever you experience some unexpected luck, you often ask yourself just how long this lucky streak is going to last, but instead of dwelling on all possibilities related to that question, what you should rather do is act and act fast.

Invest your luck by using it to take a punt at something which could give you long term gains or benefit you in the short-, medium- or long-term future. It really doesn’t matter – the operative word here is “future,” in which you can invest your luck by perhaps trying your lucky numbers out at I mean who knows when the luck is going to wear off, by which time it wears off the numbers you pick out are nothing more than the shot in the dark they usually are.

It shouldn’t end with taking a punt on what are outcomes which are dependent on chance however. You can also “invest” your luck in possible future outcomes that would work to your favour through something like applying for that job you’ve always wanted, making some phone calls with regards to that business you’ve always wanted to start or anything really – call your crush and ask to hang out, or something…anything…

Leave Your Routine Tasks for Later

When you’re on a lucky streak you basically want to spend as little of your time as possible on those tasks which make up your daily routine, rather choosing to focus more on those which can yield more valuable outcomes. Even if you have to go in to work, spend more of your time (and luck) on the more creative side of your work for example, over those boring, monotonous tasks which you can always get back to later.

So you need to stay up as long as you possibly can and milk every bit of your lucky streak for everything it has! Don’t let it go to waste.