How to be healthy

Good health is the most valuable asset a person can have.  Many people strive to climb the career ladder, make as much money as possible and to have successful relationships and friendships.  However, none of those things are worthwhile or enjoyable if the person who has them is not in good physical health.  Here is a guide to what can be done to give a person the best possible chance of living well for longer, including visits to the dentist in Brentwood, monitoring the health at home, and more.

Dental check-ups

Many people underestimate the importance of regular visits to the dentist in Brentwood.  Instead, they only go to see a dental professional when they have an issue such as pain or damaged teeth.  However, getting regular check-ups are an important means of safeguarding one’s health.

The dentist can identify the early stages of gum disease when the patient is not aware of a problem.  This can prevent them from developing bad breath and gum disease.  Gum disease can cause tooth loss, which often has a very negative affect on self-confidence as well as being a cause of poor oral health.

Gum disease also affects other parts of the body.  It is essentially a condition that is caused by inflammation, which can spread to increase the risk of heart and lung disease as well as other illnesses such as arthritis and dementia.

Dental check-ups also include checks for the initial indicators of oral cancer. If this is identified at a time when the patient has not experienced any issues, then they have a much greater chance of getting better.  This also means a reduced risk of the cancer spreading to other parts of the body.

Keep an eye on blood pressure

Many people only have their blood pressure checked when a doctor decides that it is necessary.  However, high blood pressure can develop at any time in life, especially as people get older.  It often has no symptoms, and the person may feel well.  However, if left untreated, it can cause heart attacks and strokes.

Blood pressure monitors can be purchased fairly inexpensively at most pharmacies and can be used to perform regular checks at home.  Doing this allows a person to seek help if their blood pressure becomes raised before it causes serious issues.


Exercise is essential for good health.  It helps to lower blood pressure, maintain a stable weight and is very beneficial for mental health too.  Keeping fit does not have to involve sweating over a set of weights in the gym.  Something as simple as going for a brisk walk every day can dramatically improve your health and wellbeing.  It does not require any special equipment or clothes and is ideal for anyone who wants to gradually build up their fitness levels.

It is also worth mentioning that walking outdoors can also help a person to maintain adequate levels of vitamin D. Vitamin D is important for good health, it helps to maintain the condition of the muscles, bones and teeth. It can also help to promote good mental health.