Get the perfect smile with Invisalign in Sheffield

One of the things everybody wants is the perfect smile, as most people want every aspect of their appearance to be pleasing to others around them. Being image conscious is not a negative thing, as paying attention to your image helps to enhance our life, by attracting the people to us that we would want to be surrounded by it also helps to attract potential partners.

If someone suffers from misaligned or crooked teeth, they may see this as a hurdle to obtaining the overall personal image they are seeking, many adults may not be aware that they can receive treatment for this beyond their teenage years.

Dee Kay Dental is now providing one of the modern alignment treatments aimed at adults, which is an alternative to the use of the traditional braces we all know. By offering Invisalign in Sheffield they hope to contribute to improving the community’s oral health.

An alternative to braces

One of the main reasons for finding adults with misaligned teeth in the UK, is the idea that many people who could have benefited from treatment in their younger years have been reluctant to engage with treatment, for several reasons. One of the main reasons being the fear of being bullied at a time of life where they may have felt at their most vulnerable. Adolescence is a confusing time for all of us after all.

The idea of wearing metal and wire on our teeth is not appealing to anyone in need of tooth alignment treatment, Invisalign has taken this way of thinking and turned it on its head by rethinking the design of alignment devices. Gone are the days of wearing a device that is hard to hide when in place, as the modern devices are designed to be hidden in plain sight and not be noticed by others looking you straight in the face.

A modern aligner

The new breed of aligners has been designed using the latest in modern materials and with the comfort of the wearer taken into consideration. Created to be removable, these aligners should feel comfortable when in place in the mouth. Should the wearer experience any discomfort, they can simply take the aligner out for a short period.

Treatment consists of a series of aligners that are each designed to gently move the teeth into new positions in the mouth, the aligners are normally changed every two weeks and the normal treatment time is twelve to eighteen months.

While the aligners are being worn, there is no need to worry about others being able to spot them, as they are made to be invisible to the eyes of others. This system of aligners also allows the wearer to eat and drink normally, letting them carry on enjoying the foods and drinks they want.

Your next step

There are many reasons to look at having alignment treatment, should you need it. Having crooked teeth can increase the risks of gum disease and tooth decay, as well as lead to a weakened bite which can cause problems when eating. Invisalign is a treatment solution that can increase the quality of your oral health, as well as give you the smile you have always wanted.

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