Exciting Activities That are Worth Doing When You Have the Time

There are a lot of great activities for you to choose from when you have all the time in the world and you also have saved enough money to travel to different places. Instead of doing the usual activities, there are other unique experiences worth trying.

You can check out the list of things to do from NITGB as it provides you with details of the activities worth trying. They are all exciting and you will feel more interested in visiting the places on the list once you have fully understood how great the experience could be.

Backwater kayaking

If you happen to visit Kerala, India, you should not miss out on the opportunity to paddle through the canals, rivers and water systems in the city. It starts with a brief talk by a guide, so you will know what to do in case danger arises. Aside from kayaking, you can also stop for traditional lunch in one of the restaurants in the area. If you are doing a homestay programme, you can even kayak all the way to where you are staying.

Mask carving

This is an exciting activity that you can do if you visit Sri Lanka. Ambalangoda, one of the country’s most celebrated artists will be the one to provide training and guidance for this activity. Carving a mask is a very old tradition in Sri Lanka that is still practiced even now. You will first learn about the history of this tradition. You will also receive details on how to carve and paint. Baba is the wood used for mask carving.

Learn how to cook

While you are in Sri Lanka, you can also try cooking their local dishes. There are cooking classes available where you use some of the local ingredients in cooking. You will also receive a guide from some of the country’s top chefs. You can choose what to cook. You will not just receive a cooking lesson, but also a deeper understanding of the country’s rich history.

Street photography

The streets of Sydney are just fantastic. You will be fascinated by every single detail that you see while walking around. You might as well try doing street photography. Let these images come to life. You may visit some specialty stores as well to be inspired by more photography subjects. Obviously, the lovely, warm locals should also be among the subjects. It is up to you what captivates you the most. There are a lot of other photographers doing the same thing, so you can also join them.

Whisky distillery tour

If you want to learn how whisky is made, you can go for this kind of tour. It is available in various regions across Scotland. Home of some of the best whisky in the world, Scotland has a lot to offer. You might as well take a look at where the beverage is made and give each drink a shot.

There are a lot of other things that are worth doing. Try whatever you can with the time that you have on your hands.


Image: Pixabay.com