Essential Tips For Your Electric Cool Box

Whether you’re camping, going for a day trip or even want to extend your fridge at home, an Electric Cool Box is a very useful piece of kit, and they’re getting more and more popular. Take a read below, we’re going to help you get the most out of your cool box!


Jam Pack It

The general assumption is filling your cool box up to the brim will use more energy, you couldn’t be more wrong! The more food and drink you stuff into it, the more economical it will be as there will freezing food cooling everything else down as opposed to fresh air.

No Need for Ice

Remember the ice packs in the old style cool boxes? Having to swap them round from the freezer while they take up all the room – forget that. All we need now is mains power, job done, you can make use of all the space and keep everything as cold as you want it.

Extra Seating

Going for a big and sturdy cool box doesn’t just enable you to keep your food colder for longer and pack as much as you want – it also offers you the added benefit of doubling up as a seat. There are a variety of strong and sturdily built cool boxes in the market that are strong enough to be used as seats at camp sites and picnics, just make sure you get the best electric cool box in your budget. These boxes can come in handy during instances where there is not enough seats for everyone or if you simply want a somewhat more comfortable alternative to sitting down on the ground.

Very Reliable

An additional advantage about thermoelectric cool boxes is that they have fewer moving parts than conventional freezers. The only components that move are fans which circulate cool air inside the food storage compartment. Having a cool box with fewer moving components provides several benefits. To begin with, this reduces the risk of component failure and less maintenance is required. With fewer active parts, electric coolers produce no vibration or electrical noises, which Is perfect if you’re entertaining, or watching the game – you don’t want warm beer now do you!

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