Duvet Covers and Bedding for an Autumn Bedroom

September is almost over, and it seems to be taking with it the last vestiges of summer sunshine and warmth. Now is the time to think about refreshing your bedroom décor to create a comfortable cosy ambiance to get you and your family through the cold dark days ahead.

Plaid and Stripes on Duvet Covers

No matter your colour scheme, investing in some delightful patterned bedding is a great way to infuse your bedroom with some warmth and good cheer to stave off the grey dismal days and nights outside. There is nothing better, on a cold and dark rainy night than to snuggle up, toasty warm, under a brand new duvet, picked out in your favourite striped or plaid combination of colours. For cosy duvet sets you can get from Yorkshire Linen in a lot of different variations.

Dark Hued Pillows and Curtains

Enhancing the warmth and coziness of your bedroom for the autumn season involves thoughtful choices in bedding and accessories. Consider incorporating dark-hued pillows and curtains to infuse a touch of autumnal elegance into your space. Deep tones such as rich burgundy, forest green, or muted navy can evoke the cozy ambiance of fall. Pairing these dark-hued pillows with complementary curtains not only adds a layer of sophistication but also creates a harmonious color scheme. To elevate the comfort factor, indulge in a luxurious Silk Pillowcase as part of your ensemble. The smooth texture not only contributes to a sumptuous feel but also offers potential beauty benefits, making your autumn bedroom a haven of style and comfort.

Harvest Festival

One of the best things about autumn is the wonderful abundance of fruit and vegetables that are available at this time of year. Wheat or pumpkin symbolism, for example, are both lovely decorative emblems and attractive motifs too. Look for similar symbolism in fabrics for your soft furnishings and turn your bedroom into a bower of fruitful bliss.

Cosy Touches

Make your room extra welcoming with the addition of a rocking chair, cushions, and a snuggly blanket so you can curl up and have a few moments to yourself to read or simply relax after a busy day. Adding some new cosy bedding will just enhance the effect created.

Colour Change

Switch out summer colours for hot and comforting tones. Splash out on vibrant reds, yellows and oranges – burnt orange is especially great for autumnal décor, or perhaps brave some metallic touches. The warmer metallic notes – copper, gold, bronze as opposed to the cooler silver and platinum – add a touch of warmth to décor, and quickly and simply add opulent excitement and texture to any colour scheme.

Back to Basics

If you are not a fan of making huge changes to your bedroom every few months, then keep your basic bedroom décor simple. Pick a neutral base colour, like white, cream or even beige, then add cheery and colourful touches which can quickly and easily be changed with the seasons. This way, your bedroom is refreshed and renewed regularly without being so dramatically different that it does not feel like your own space any more.

Winter is coming, and now is the time to prepare your bedroom with bedding & duvet covers, making it into a warm refuge in which you can escape the cold, wet weather that is surely on its way. You will love the warm and cosy effect, which bedding and duvet covers bring for the autumn season.