Celebrities’ Lifestyle in Vegas – Food, Drinks and More

There is something about the bright neon lights, tall buildings and over-the-top Everything of Las Vegas that offers too much of an attractive force for all sorts of people to resist. Celebrities are no exception and, in a world where the mantra is pretty much “the bigger – the better,” the scale to which celebrities let loose in Vegas epitomises what their glamour-filled lives are all about. If you think about it, really, celebrities’ lives aren’t all that much different from the lives of us mere mortals. They eat, drink, gamble, shop, and party just like we do, except the only real difference is the huge scale on which they tend to do regular-folk things.

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That illusive world of the glitterati is undoubtedly reserved for the few that either by luck or a combination of pure drive, determination and hard work, or all of these things, have managed to find their sweet spot in a craft that brings them both riches and fame. Let’s make no mistake about it – it is definitely about the money, otherwise the very idea of what a celebrity is wouldn’t exist, so too the alluring world of Las Vegas. We can talk about their familiarity and the fame they amassed as a result of excelling in a particular craft, but at the end of it all, it all comes right back down to money. Money is indeed what allows celebrities to turn otherwise regular activities done by regular folk into glamorous ones that are seemingly reserved for those with deep pockets and familiar names for their familiar faces. It’s money that allows celebs to splash out on insanely priced foods at insanely priced restaurants and it is indeed money which allows them to lay their famous heads on insanely priced cushion covers that are housed in insanely priced hotel suites.

It’s (lots of) money that affords celebrities the luxury of trying out their luck with offensive amounts of their own money, with the not-so-urgent hope of winning even more.

A World Too Far Out of Reach?

Is the world of the glitterati too far out of reach for us mere mortals though? Not if you turn to a medium you probably already invest a lot of your time using, which is the internet. If you think about it just a bit you’ll realise that the internet is nothing but an attempt at one big network of digital representations of the “real,” physical world. One of the best such representations is indeed an online gaming site by the name of SlotsHaven.com, which it must be said is one of the better digital versions of what it represents in the real world, a Las Vegas style casino.

Sure, a physical trip to Las Vegas doesn’t come cheap and neither does casino-, club-, hotel-, and shop-hopping like a celeb. For all the money they have, there are only a limited number of gourmet burgers with tenderised meat varieties celebs can eat, so if you do indeed want to get a taste of the glamorous lives led by your favourite stars but don’t quite have the budget, the gambling bit of it is possible through your PC monitor, laptop screen or even your mobile phone!