Blue Toro Review

The relation between a car owner and a mechanic is a special one. Once you find a garage that you can rely on, it’s hard to imagine that you let someone else service your ride. Finding an honest mechanic isn’t an easy task. However, with clients’ reviews and testimonials available today, you can pretty surely tell who is not going to rip you off, nor take advantage of your lack of mechanical knowledge.

People you can trust

These people have been my go-to repair and maintenance shop for more than three years now. Not only are they down-to-earth folk, but they are also ready to work out the best deal for you in case your budget is limited. I don’t like to stick with the same car for long. I like to change my game from time to time, even though it means more visits to the repair shop for regular maintenance issues such flushes, replacements, etc. I believe I’m lucky I found the ‘car guy’ I can trust completely, whether it’s the particulate filter or a timing belt that’s making an issue.

All benefits of mobile service

Since the nature of my job keeps me busy throughout the day, I was relieved when I heard about mobile mechanics. The best thing about this professional mobile mechanic in the Gold Coast is that instead of me calling on them, they come to my place and do their job on the spot. For me, this mobile approach to business is the best thing there is. Whenever I have an issue, I can count on them to come to my home or work, but even more importantly, if my car breaks down on the side of the road. Luckily, it never happened to me more than once. Although it was a rather costly transmission issue, my Blue Toro guy led me through the whole process, so I was able to get a good deal on the parts. Unfortunately, I came to know mechanics who would take advantage of such a situation, so this is five stars for ethics to the Blue Bull team.

Local expert service

These mobile mechanics operate locally – they have a growing network across Australia, but most importantly, you are serviced by the same guy who operates on your local branch every time. You know that feeling when you call a garage and you need to explain something to a call operator who doesn’t know a thing about cars? Well, that is completely gone now. All of my calls go directly to my mechanic who can readily help me with a technical question with no middleman involved. Just as my designated doctor knows me and my family, my mobile mechanic knows my car inside out.

Professional insight

Maintenance is the key to caring for your car, but just how much maintenance is enough? One thing that bothered me for a long time is when a mechanic listens to my problem, gives me a quote and does what was asked from them. Then, after two months or so, another issue pops up – not something that came as a result of an accident or carelessness, but one that could have been prevented if addressed on time, like loose silent block bushes, or when my parking brake cable gave way. Now I’m happy to have found repairmen who give my car a thorough check and make a list of the most urgent items that need to be fixed. This way I always know where I stand and what costs await me down the road.

One recommendation at a time

A friend recommended me Blue Toro mechanics when we were living in Coolangatta. Back then, my only requirement was that they have a mobile service, but now I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my car. To say the truth, my first issue was that the start button on my 2013 Subaru Forester wouldn’t give proper ignition, although the battery was nearly new. The mechanic I talked to arrived on time and was very good at explaining what needs to be done. Their attention to detail and professional conduct on the job now explains why they are easy to recommend. We’ve moved to Mermaid Waters since then, and I’m happily recommending Blue Toro to all my friends, even colleagues who ask for a reliable and ethical vehicle repair business.

Finding a mechanic in an emergency can be expensive, while looking for a new shop every time something breaks is inconvenient and stressful. With nothing but professionalism and punctuality from the moment you dial their number, this business is much more than a repair shop. For these people, there’s no better ad than a happy customer and a car with many miles to run.