9 Things That Make a Venue Perfect

Whether you need a venue for your birthday, wedding, conference, or any other special event, there are a few things to consider before you choose the one. The earlier you start looking for your venue, the better, as it’s easier to get some incredible deals and find the perfect place. Moreover, the catering options, date of your event, and guests’ satisfaction experiences greatly depend on the venue you choose. Here are 9 things that make a venue perfect:

  1. Location

If your event is local, chances are you’re going to look for a venue within a short distance from most guests’ places of work or homes – if you’re in Colorado, you may wish to consider somewhere like this event venue in Denver when looking at your options. If most of your guests will come from other cities or countries, a venue near their hotels or the airport will be ideal. Keep in mind parking, transportation, and traffic options. The perfect venue is easy to access and can be reached by different means of transport, albeit the popular and easy to access venues are usually money-draining.

  1. Space

Space is another thing that makes a venue perfect. It’s important to know the number of attendees, though. You can’t fit in 300 people in a venue with the capacity of 150 people. Each venue has certain safety and fire codes. The space of the venue should fit comfortably with tables and numerous chairs so that your guests have enough room for sitting and dancing. If your guest list is endless, consider another space option. Avoid booking a venue where a manager promises you to fit in extra 10 people while, in reality, they don’t have clients now.

  1. Design

The venue interior can significantly impact on your event’s atmosphere. If it’s dull, old-fashioned, or boring, your special day might become boring as well. Not to mention that your guests will refuse to take selfies, and thus, everyone will forget about your event the next day. The perfect venue doesn’t necessarily have to be sophisticated, but it should have the right color combos that create a festive atmosphere, excellent lighting, and modern furniture.

  1. Venue services

The perfect venue boasts a variety of amenities and services. Most venues have a kitchen and offer catering. Even though it means extra spending, you might only end up paying for food, facility fee, or every guest you’re going to invite to your event. Some venues don’t have kitchens, but they do provide catering as they have a partnership with restaurants or other food providers. Other venues don’t offer catering so you’re responsible for your party food. Find out it in advance so that you have time to take care of drinks and food.

The next important thing that an ideal venue has is built-in audio-visual equipment that most venues lack. Finally, when choosing a venue, find out if it has air conditioning or heating.

  1. Budget

The best venue costs a fortune while the perfect venue might offer some awesome deals. If you’re flexible on the date of your event, that’s a huge perk. The majority of venues have open dates that they’re trying to fill and thus suggest discounted pricing. In case the venue doesn’t fall within your event budget parameters for catering, technical and space expenses, feel free to negotiate. With great negotiating skills, it’s possible to find the perfect venue at a reduced price. Be aware of the hidden fees, though. The rental rate might be reduced, but be sure to compare the extra items that might increase the cost. Plus, gratuity and tax might be added to any beverage and food choices. Check it out before you pay.

  1. Packages

Speaking of limited budget, look for the venues that offer various packages, like wedding package, birthday package, etc. Determine what you need and how many guests you’re going to invite, and negotiate the venue packages. Wedding packages are among the most affordable ones and they include a host of services and amenities. Don’t forget about design, though. Look for a mix of awesome packages and brilliant interior like this great venue offers, for instance. With a wide range of packages, you’re sure to meet your budget and avoid all the stress related to even organization.

  1. Reputation

In today’s internet-driven world, it takes a few seconds to find feedback on a certain entertainment facility. The perfect venue definitely has positive feedback, so if you find at least 5 out of 10 negative comments, it’s better to skip this venue. People are different and even the best venues have negative feedback. However, the gap between positive and negative feedbacks should be enormous. You can also ask locals or your friends if they know this venue. The perfect venue has an incredible reputation and they strive to maintain it no matter what.

  1. Food

Just because your venue is serving food doesn’t mean you should dismiss this point. Check out the beverages catering and taste their most popular hors d’oeuvre, if possible. You don’t want to ruin your party with bland food or low-quality and cheap cocktails. Ask for a brochure with their menu and don’t forget to ask for vegetarian and vegan options, especially if you’re not sure about your guests’ diet preferences.

  1. Parking area

Even if the majority of your guests don’t have cars, it’s important that your venue has a parking area. You don’t know how many guests will come by car. Maybe, they’re going to rent a car or borrow it from their friends. Plus, there will definitely be guests who own cars. Some venues charge extra cash for their parking area, while others provide it free of charge.

There are many things that make a venue perfect, but these nine are crucially important. You might be in rush and have no time for checking the venue’s interior or reputation, taste the food they offer, or see where it’s located, but this way, you risk ruining your event. The best solution for busy people is choosing special package suggestions. Not only will you save time, but you might save some cash as well.