5 Ways To Make Your House More Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is more important now than ever before in history. Our Earth’s resources are being extinguished at a rapid rate, and a radical change is needed to maintain a sense of homeostasis on the planet.

Reducing your carbon footprint is a great way to do your part in the grand scheme of things. Building a more energy efficient home will do much to start reducing you and your family’s mark on the Earth.

Not to mention, energy efficient home improvements offer the possibility of tax benefits. Here is a brief overview of some of the most effective ways to boost your home’s energy efficiency.

Change your light bulbs

Installing energy efficient light bulbs in your home will make more of a difference than you may realize. The good news is that most bulbs for sale in stores are energy efficient, but your home may be a little behind.

It’s a simple upgrade. You don’t have to install special UV C lights or anything like that. Just a simple energy efficient bulb will do the trick. You may also find your wattage needs to be lower.

Replace your windows and doors

If your home’s windows and doors are older, you may be allowing unwanted airflow through your house. Upgrading your windows and doors will stop unwanted airflow, and help your HVAC unit not work as hard. You might also want to arrange an annual inspection of this unit as well to make sure it is running efficiently and you can look at this site to find a qualified technician.

Your home may still be functioning with single glazed windows, and they simply are not energy efficient. Heat and cold escape at a rapid rate from single glazed windows. Double glazed windows will give you the desired effect.

Insulate your attic space

Insulating your attic space will save on energy costs, but it will also give you extra square footage on your home. Adding square footage will up your equity totals, and you’ll cash out on the upgrade when you sell your property.

The key to a successful insulation job is that the insulation is “properly” installed. Too often, insulation jobs are done with low quality, and high grade materials are not set to do their best. Invest in good materials and good professionals.

Plant trees around your home

A little landscaping can boost your home’s energy efficiency. Adding trees that will grow to shade your home on the west side will help shield your house from the sun’s rays in the summer, lowering the struggle of your HVAC unit a little more.

Install energy efficient appliances

Energy efficient appliances will change your energy consumption dramatically. The U.S. Government will also reward your efforts with a tax credit. Make sure to install Energy Star efficient appliances, so you will fulfill the necessary standards for your tax credit.