5 Ways To Get Off The Couch In 2017

The New Year is just around the corner, and already many of us have already begun to think about our resolutions.  The most common issue that arises with most people during the new year is health.  What can be done to increase health for the family for the individual?  Here are a few of the top suggestions for ways to get off the couch in 2017.  


Routine and order are paramount

It is called a healthy “lifestyle” for a purpose.  Just changing one aspect of an unhealthy life will not prove very useful.  Develop a healthy routine and cling to it until it is second nature.  Keep everything in order, and make it easy to get up and exercise.  

For example, set out workout clothes and bottled water the night before.  Upon waking, there will not be a struggle to find everything.  It will be easier to just do it.  Also, a new routine will inevitably build new relationships.  Look forward to this.  

Master the art of portion control

Portion control is the key to losing excess weight.  The stomach should be no larger than the size of a given person’s fist.  The bunched fist is a perfect portion size.  Eating more than what the body needs is cause for weight gain.  

Pay more attention to labels.  They tell the consumer quite a bit about what exactly is being ingested.  If the writing does not make sense, then it probably is not as healthy as one might assume.

Make every meal a healthy decision

Make every single meal a conscious healthy decision.  If everything that goes into a body is healthy, then there is no way to be unhealthy.  Fish, chicken, fruits, and vegetables are the safest route.  These foods provide the body with vital vitamins and minerals to perform at the best possible efficiency level each day.  

Get plenty of sleep.

Sleep is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  It is only going to make the transition more difficult if the individual is tired and sluggish.  No one wants to exercise and eat salads when they have only had three hours of sleep – so go to bed!  Put down the smartphone.  Turn off Facebook, and get some quality rest.  Being well-rested will boost mood and keep the brain in tip-top shape.  Making those healthy choices will not be such a battle after a restful evening.  

Be creative when choosing how to exercise

Find ways to exercise that are fun.  It may seem like an oxymoron to say that exercise is fun, but it can be very enjoyable.  Shoot some hoops or go to the golf course.  Either way, get moving!