4 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Vehicle for Summer Road Trips

Everyone loves a good, all-American summer road trip. For some, there is nothing that marks the warmer months more significantly than hitting the road with a few friends. Unfortunately, your road trip experience can quickly fall into a downward spiral if your vehicle is not prepared for the long drive. One way to ensure your summer experience is as free as can be is to find a new car that is road-trip ready.

Gas Mileage

Perhaps the biggest concern for most roadtrippers is gas mileage. There are few things worse than a roadtripping vehicle that guzzles gas. Having great gas mileage can be the difference between having extra cash to experience that new city and spending the evening in the hotel room. Recent vehicle models have become less gas hungry than ever before.

If you are looking for the ideal miles per gallon, consider investing in a hybrid. Your vehicle will utilize electricity as well as fossil fuels, making it an eco-friendly, as well as wallet-friendly, choice. If hybrids aren’t your thing, you may consider a diesel model or a smaller vehicle. Many diesel vehicles tend to get fantastic mileage without having the egg-shape of a hybrid.


For many roadtrippers, traveling with friends is what makes the experience. If everyone is driving in a separate vehicle, you are unable to chat and hang out during the drive, and you are wasting enormous amounts of gas. While driving a small hybrid may be the most fuel efficient vehicle, it loses its appeal if you have to take two or three vehicles for one group of friends.

When traveling with a group, consider renting a bigger vehicle that has 8 seats and decent storage. While the gas mileage on the one vehicle is more than the others, you will have 8 people splitting the bill, instead of 4 for one of the smaller models. Plus, you can have a veritable party while on the road!

Four Wheel Drive

The ideal summer road trip can vary greatly from person to person. While some people just want to head over to another city, others want to hit the beach or go camping. For those who are heading up to the woods and considering off-roading, four wheel drive is a necessity. Additionally, you may need to consider ground clearance if you will be driving up any forest service roads.

Storage Space

Storage space is nearly as important as seating room. For weekend trips, each person bringing a backpack should be no problem. However, if you are heading out for a week camping, you will need sleeping bags, tents, backpacks and much more. The amount of space for your gear is significantly bigger and a requirement. Take time to consider how you will primarily be using your rig before purchasing. If you do decide to go for something bigger, like
a pickup truck, you may also need to consider accessories, like a truck bed cover from somewhere like this website to keep all your cargo safe and secure while you’re driving, as well as offering some protection from the elements you may encounter on the road.