4 Fashion Tips For Appearing Slimmer

Sometimes we may find ourselves having packed on a few pounds and need to pull ourselves together to feel better.  Since going to the gym once doesn’t instantly transform your body, finding shortcuts to appear slimmer at the moment can be a quick fix solution while waiting for your diet and exercise results to start appearing.

It doesn’t take much to make yourself appear slimmer in all the right places.  It’s all about knowing how to play the right angles. Here are some of the best ways to appear slimmer with your clothing and accessories.


Wearing shapewear will instantly make your waist appear smaller and make your breasts larger.  In addition to this, your derriere will be lifted and you’ll have all the spots on your body which normally might look a bit lumpy looking smooth and slim.

There are lots of options for shapewear to choose from.  You can go with tights or pants if you only want to focus on the bottom half of your body.  You can also go with modern corseting, and even shorts which lift your butt. It all depends on your particular trouble zones and where you’d like to see changes on your body.

Wearing Black

Wearing black is one of those magic tricks which seems to take at least 10 pounds off of everyone.  Since black darkens your shape, it’s hard to see all of the imperfections that you may be aware of if you were wearing a light color.

Not only is black chic, but it can also be dressed down for a more casual look.  When you wear black, try to opt for cotton since it’s loose and comfortable. Clingy clothing may make you feel more self-conscious regardless of the color.

Long Sweaters

Wearing long sweaters is an old trick which will not only make your hips appear slimmer since they act like curtains on either side of you, but it will also hide anything that you’re looking to conceal in the back end.

If it’s summer and way too hot for sweater time, you can make the switch to a long kimono.  This will keep you cool but also have the same effect.

Flowy Skirts

There are multiple styles of flowy skirts which are great at camouflaging common trouble zones.  A long maxi skirt is great for hiding anything you’re not feeling good about on your legs, while a skater skirt keeps your waist looking slim since it cinches you in and flows at the hips.

Pairing a flowy skirt with a flowy shirt, however, may do your silhouette damage, however.  As a general rule of thumb for appearing slimmer, you want to wear fitted on the top if you have flowy on the bottom, and flowy on the top when the bottom is fitted.