3 Ways Being a Dog Owner Can Make You a Better Person

Some people have no idea about the potential joy that can come out of dog ownership. All they see is an extra mouth to feed and a furry ball that poops and pees. Little do they know, however, that dogs are incredibly intelligent and sensitive creatures who can bring an incredible amount of joy to your life.

Woman with her dog

You can build a special bond with dogs that is incomparable to anything out of a human relationship. The unconditional love your dog has for you despite anything you could ever do to her or him is unique. Dogs don’t hold grudges or get angry if you forget to take them out to pee. Like a child, they may temporarily act up but ultimately they are there to love and forgive you all the time.

Having a dog can not only make you a happier person, but also a better person. Here’s how.

You Learn Boundaries

No matter how much you love your dog, you have to learn to show them boundaries. Your dog cannot poop and pee in your house or chew on your favorite shoes. By learning the art of being able to love someone yet comfortably show them boundaries without fear of disappointing them, you can become a better human. Of course, your dogs cannot dispose their poops themselves, you ought to manage the dog poop bag dispenser yourself! However, training your dog the limits can benefit your social skill development.

Boundaries are an essential part of being able to connect with other people. By learning these skills at home with your pet you can successfully transfer them into your human connections leading to stronger bonds and greater self-love.

You Learn To Love Someone Else

Perhaps you’ve never understood what it means to truly love someone else. Many people suffer from fear of vulnerability which can be one of the most dangerous and fearful states of being, but without it, we cannot make connections. Dogs fill the void of connection that we can’t seem to fill if we can’t be comfortable allowing ourselves to be vulnerable with other humans.

The safety net of a dog’s love can wrap itself around us like a warm blanket. There’s no fear of rejection or them not liking you because you snore or have weird feet. Dogs love you no matter what. As long as you love them and spend time with them you will have an unconditional bond that will ignite tenderness in even the toughest of hearts.

You Get More Exercise

It’s no surprise that dogs need to be walked. Unfortunately most dogs cannot walk themselves and even if they could, it’s illegal in most places to let your dog step out and walk itself down the public road without a leash.

Taking your dog out to pee and get exercise, in turn, provides more exercise for yourself.