3 Things to Consider When Picking Out An Engagement Ring

Getting married can be an exciting and stressful time in life. But before you start making wedding plans, you’ve got to get engaged first. Traditionally, when two people get engaged, there’s an exchange of a ring. While this isn’t a necessity of getting engaged, it tends to be something most women look forward to and dream about years before it even happens. However, the investment you make into an engagement ring can be very substantial. So before you jump into the engagement ring pool too quickly, here are three things you should consider before picking out an engagement ring.

Your Daily Routines and Lifestyle

Before you set your heart on a specific ring, you might want to think about how wearing that ring will work with your daily life and your normal routines. JewelryWise.com shares that if your fiance has a job where she uses her hands a lot, you may not want to get her a huge ring that sticks too far off her finger. Also, because a lot of women don’t like to have to remove their ring too often, if your fiance plays sports or gardens or does a lot of cleaning, you should keep these things in mind as well when picking the right ring for her. Just make sure the one you decide on will fit well with what she does during her daily routines.

An Insurance Policy

Because you’ll likely be spending a pretty penny on this ring, you’re probably going to want to get insurance for this investment. Things can happen to an engagement ring that could result in the ring needing to be fixed or even replaced. If this happens, you’ll be glad you got insurance on the ring and won’t have to pay the whole cost out of your own pocket. When getting an insurance policy, Ellen Hoffman, a contributor to BusinessInsider.com, writes that you’ll often need to keep the receipt for the ring or even get the piece appraised in order to get the right amount of insurance coverage for your specific engagement ring.

How Firm Is Your Budget

While you might start off your hunt for an engagement ring with a certain budget in mind, you’re going to want to be very clear with your fiance where you’re willing to go with regards to budget. Richie Frieman, a contributor to The Huffington Post, shares that many couples begin to feel their budget being stretched when they start shopping around for the perfect engagement ring. But as long as you and your fiance know where you’re planning to draw the line, you can find something that will work for both your style of ring and your budget. Remember, it’s your money and your time you’re spending to find this ring, so don’t let a salesperson pressure you into getting something that you can’t afford. Other ways that can help save your wallet include looking into diamond alternatives such as these moissanite rings that can be found on https://gemaandco.com/.

If you’ll be buying an engagement ring soon, use the tips mentioned above to help make this experience a successful and stress-free one.