3 Reasons Why Promotional Tote Bags Work Better than T-Shirts

If you’re going to a conference or other networking event, it can be a great idea to order in some promotional items. There are plenty of options out there for branding, but two of the most popular are t-shirts and tote bags.

Here are just three reasons why tote bags are going to make a better choice.

  1. They’re Immediately Useful

So, you’re walking around a crowded conference hall and someone hands you a t-shirt. You’re probably not going to whip off your current top and pull on your new shirt. Sure you might put it on later, but it’s generally best if promotional items are used as quickly as possible; after all, that t-shirt could just lay forgotten and never get worn. With all of the items you’re expected to carry during a conference, a promotional bag can be a godsend. People will start using them right away, which means that other attendees will see your branding or logo. Besides, customized design options provided by companies like Real Thread (https://www.realthread.com/bags/tote-bags) can offer more versatility, which means that you can create unique designs for each bag if you like.

  1. One Size Fits All

Just for the sake of argument, let’s imagine that your promotional t-shirts are very popular, and suddenly everyone wants one. Now you’re struggling to find sizes and sort between male and female products. The sizing issue is a real problem here because you might also run out of a certain type. With promotional bags, one size fits all. You and your team can simply hand one over and then talk about your business instead of having to stress while finding the right sizes for each person.

  1. Ongoing Use

A well-made printed bag tends to be pretty useful. After all, people need them for everything from shopping to travelling. Unfortunately, promotional t-shirts often end up being thrown away or relegated to the back of a wardrobe. Firstly, people probably won’t wear them as much as you hope during the actual event; they’ll have their own products to promote, and they’ll also want to avoid looking like they are actually part of your team since that will mean having to answer questions. Even after the event is over, most people are going to feel a little self-conscious walking around in a promotional t-shirt.