Using braces Stoke-on-Trent for straight, even teeth

Early diagnosis is the key to having straight, even teeth when a patient reaches adulthood. All too often children first visit the dentist when the damage is already done. Dental braces Stoke-on-Trent have been used for decades to help straighten a wide variety of dental misalignment conditions. Dental braces provide one of the areas of dentistry that has seen a massive amount of development. Older patients will remember the metal dental appliance which was the accepted method of correcting malocclusion. That particular appliance is now unrecognisable from its predecessor and is now a far more modern, efficient and comfortable dental appliance. It is now possible for a dentist to adopt a more targeted approach because of the plethora of dental appliances available.

Awkwardness removed

Dental braces were usually worn by children and it was an awkward time for the wearer. Today there is little or no stigma attached to wearing braces and in fact for many children it’s a ‘badge of honour’. In addition the many different types of braces and the material used can make them almost impossible to perceive. They are also far more comfortable to wear, they are efficient and produce excellent results.

Early detection reduces treatment duration

There is no doubt that an early detection and treatment of a dental misalignment is far more preferable than a late one. As a responsible parent it is advisable to take your children from as early an age as possible to the dental surgery. The friendly, well-trained staff will take care of the children whilst you are being treated. If the children are brought in early they will become used to the dental surgery surroundings and be relaxed when it’s their turn to be examined. When staff talk to the children they will also identify any obvious dental problems. Once the child’s adult teeth have broken through a dental professional will soon be able to see if any dental misalignment treatment is necessary.

Technological achievements

Dentistry is an ever-evolving industry and scientists are finding ever more innovative ways of providing treatments using technology. The types of braces that have been developed include, of course, the original metal braces which have been revamped. In addition there are braces that self-adjust reducing the number of visits necessary to the dentist. There are ceramic and clear braces which still use wires, bands and blocks, but because of their colour they are less conspicuous. There is even a dental brace that fits onto the inside of the teeth making it virtually invisible. A different way of correcting dental misalignment is the use of a series of gum shield shaped aligners which fit over the teeth. These do not require wires, bands or blocks and work by changing the aligner roughly every two weeks to a new slightly differently orientated one. The procedure is that each aligner gradually moves the teeth into the desired location.

See the results before the treatment

The technology surrounding dental misalignment correction is astounding and it is possible to view how you will look after treatment before treatment has even begun.