Understanding dental SEO for beginners

If you have a new dental practice then it is important that you invest time and effort into putting together a strong digital marketing campaign. This is so that you can create and maintain a strong online presence to attract patients and stand out from amongst the other dental practices in your area. You need a modern and bespoke dental website for marketing your dental practice and the treatments and procedures that you have to offer. For the website to be successful it must be geared for Google search engine optimization or dental SEO. You need to speak to an experienced digital dental marketing team who will make sure that you have an optimized marketing campaign. They will ensure that your business is highly visible, easy to find and attracts quality leads which you can then convert into patients at your practice.

What is dental SEO?

Search engine optimization or dental SEO consists of a system of digital techniques and strategies that are implemented on your website. This makes it easy for Google to search, crawl and index your web pages, learn what it is you have to offer and direct prospective patients to you. This gives a large pool of potential patients who are searching for the answers to their dental needs. SEO is an essential marketing technique, without which your website may as well be non-existent. The algorithms that Google uses to rank the websites for each search results list are confusing and most of these algorithms are a mystery. However, specialists in digital marketing know that there are certain techniques and strategies which must be implemented on your website to achieve a good ranking on the search results list.

All enterprises need a ‘Google my business’ profile and this should be optimized using dental SEO techniques too. This will mean that your dental practice ranks highly in local search results lists for dental practices in the area.

A search results list is made up of paid advertisements and organic search results. Google advertisements are the most efficient way of reaching the first page of a search results list. However, over time, this can be expensive to maintain especially for those with a new dental practice. By implementing dental SEO throughout your website you will be able to boost your position in the organic search results lists and attract quality leads on a continuous basis.

User experience for SEO

When visitors reach your website it should be optimized for great user experience. The website should be designed simply yet attractively, with a modern and professional feel which reflects your dental practice and encourages patients to visit you in person. The website needs to load quickly and correctly at all times and it needs to be optimized with keywords which are the most common dental searches or search terms that are carried out in your area. The website needs to be mobile responsive and it needs to inform, interest and educate each reader. This is so that they are encouraged to stay on your website and book an appointment to visit you in person or at least upload a selfie or receive specialist advice as to how to look after their teeth and prevent further complications in the future. Speak to your digital marketing team today to find out more.