How to transform the smile from so-so to spectacular

Having a smile that is not quite what it should be can chip away at a person’s confidence.  This can affect all areas of a person’s life and prevent them from reaching their potential.  It is therefore very important to find solutions that get the smile back to what it should be.  This guide explores some of the options that can help a person to restore their vitality and allow them to feel good about how they look.

Dental implants

Having teeth missing can cause a confident person to lose a bit of themselves, withdrawing socially and even finding it hard to be fully engaged at work.  Dental implants Sheffield provide a solution that can allow the patient to get back to their old self.

Implants are a way to fill the gap where the roots of the missing teeth used to be.  They are made of titanium, a metal that is safe and durable.  Placed into the jawbone and then completed using abutments and artificial teeth, implants are a permanent solution that can be relied on for many years and often for a lifetime.

Getting missing teeth restored using implants means that there is no need to be self-conscious or worry about others noticing that the smile is anything other than its original best.  They look completely natural, and most people would be hard pushed to notice any difference between teeth replaced with implants and those that have always been there.


Teeth that are not quite straight can make a person feel embarrassed about their smile.  This can mean they find it harder to engage with others which can cause them to have less of a social life than they would like.  Some people shy away from dating because of misaligned teeth, because they do not have enough self-confidence to put themselves out there.

Invisalign is a great teeth-straightening treatment for adults due to how subtle it is.  The braces are completely clear which means that no one can tell that someone is wearing them.  For the patient who is undergoing orthodontic treatment later in life, this is invaluable.

Treatment with Invisalign is usually quick in comparison with other kinds of braces.  Rather than a year or two, many patients find that they have the smile they have always wanted after just a few months.

Invisalign is different because it features aligners that are removable.  This means that the patient can still enjoy all their favourite foods, play contact sports and even enjoy playing wind instruments while they are having their treatment.


Veneers can be very successful in making the smile fabulous again.  They are a means of correcting teeth that are chipped, cracked or misshapen.  Veneers are ultra-thin covers for teeth that are made from porcelain.  They are popular with celebrities as they can transform bad teeth into amazing looking ones.  Fortunately, this is a treatment that is now available to everyone, regardless of their status.  Veneers can dramatically improve the smile and the patient’s confidence alongside that.