How to Save Money on Wedding Day Catering

Your wedding day is perhaps the most special occasion in your life that demands careful planning, judicious decisions, and the right choices. Entering into holy matrimony with the person of your dreams is an ethereal experience, and no person would like to leave any stone unturned to make the occasion a grand success. If you are getting married in and around Southampton, it will be imperative to prepare a checklist of the dos and don’ts. Apart from deciding and choosing the wedding venues Southampton, you will have to take care of other aspects too.

Budget constraints

Every wedding is special in its own way. However, at times, individuals might have to include several things within tight budgetary limits. It’s right here that they need to do a bit of homework and identify the crucial and ‘not-so-important’ areas of expenditure. With proper planning and the right strategies, you can save huge amounts on your wedding catering as well as many other things. Cutting down unnecessary costs won’t be tough if you have these tips in mind!

  1. Let it be a close affair

Weddings here in Southampton are known for the delectable platter and choicest wines. There’s no denying the fact that these things are expensive, and arranging them for a whopping 100 guests will surely dig a hole in your pocket. Let’s not be harsh and cut down the guest list straightaway. You can make it a close-knit affair by inviting family, relatives, and closest buddies. This way you could DIY a lot of the things that you would otherwise outsource, such as catering, photography, DJ, etc. For example, for catering to a dozen or so guests, you could just Hire Catering Equipment and then do a buffet-style dinner or have family members help out with the serving and preparation. This also helps keep the event fun and intimate. Later, for colleagues and pals, there can be a drinks party later on.

  1. Too much is bad

You might want to include every special dish in Southampton, but that’s not the right thing to do. Don’t overfeed your guests and keep the menu simple. Options like canapés at the beginning and the wedding cake after a short dance will be great. It might also be a good idea to look for the latest wedding cake trends before deciding on one. These small yet palatable delicacies won’t fill your guests up, and they can enjoy the dinner later on.

  1. Summer Saturdays are a big no-no

If you are planning to exchange rings on a Summer Saturday, please change your plans right now. The busiest and most sought-after days are highly expensive, and you will have to pay additional charges for everything. Whether it’s the food, flowers, or wedding venues Southampton, summer Saturdays are just not the right time to get married.

  1. Keep children’s menu

Your bunch of younger guests might not like to have the traditional five-course meal like adults. In that case, the platter and arrangements will be a complete loss. Include a separate menu for them that features mouth-watering delicacies like pasta, lasagne, and frozen desserts. Such a menu will reduce catering costs alongside making the children happy.

  1. Choose the later part of the day

It’s always better to say ‘I do’ in the latter half of the day. That will reduce the overall time spent on your wedding and cut down unnecessary costs to a great extent.

Parting thoughts

With these tips in mind, let’s hope you get the best wedding venues Southampton and a great catering at budget-friendly rates.