How to get your tooth extracted and replaced all in the same day

A big fear that people have around having a tooth extracted is the gap that is left behind after the tooth is removed. This can knock confidence and cause a high amount of stress for the individual who’s has had their tooth/ teeth extracted.

A solution for this is Same Day Teeth. This is a procedure that allows an implant to be put in place and then fitted with a crown all in one day; all thanks to technological advances in dentistry.

So how do they do it?

Firstly, a dentist will X-ray and take an impression of your jaw to produce a copy. A removable denture will then be created and transformed in a template for CT scanning. This CT scan helps visualise and diagnose the jaw in a 3 Dimensional image, making sure there is enough bone to place the implant into (It also helps determine where your nerves and sinuses are).

They then fit this onto your implant whilst you wait three months for the implant to heal and seal into your jaw. You can choose to have a removable or fixed solution.

If you choose a fixed solution an implant bridge and a porcelain or acrylic crown will be cemented to the framework of the bridge.

You may also choose the removable option, where over-dentures are fitted to an implant bar which can be attached with a various selection of attachment systems.

For more information on what to expect visit or contact a dentist today and book and appointment to have a consultancy with a professional in the dental implant area of expertise.