How Taking A Risk Can Pay Off

We’ve all had that dream of winning a load of cash and being able to quit our jobs, and spend the rest of our days on holiday, or chilling on a beach somewhere. But, how would you go about making this actually happen?

First, get real! money doesn’t grow on trees and no one is going to give you a big paycheck for nothing; so first, you have to get in the right mindset. Surrounding yourself with negative thoughts or even friends who always see the downside in everything can seriously impact your life. Does playing it cautious pay off, or are the winners those who take a leap of faith?


You’ve got to be in it to win it

You can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket,  so you need to start taking part in these things for them to happen. Start applying for game shows, buying lottery tickets, and playing games online. If you’ve never done it before, BGO’s interesting infographic explains how to play slots online, and how you can win big! you don’t need to be a wizz on a computer, you just need to be able to click start.

Yes Man!

Have you read Danny Wallace’s book yes man, or seen the Jim Carrey film? the premise s that a guy says yes to every offer that comes his way, and it shows how it changes his life. How many times have you been asked to do things and said no because either:

  • you’re scared of change
  • you can’t be bothered?

Fortune favours the brave, so next time you’re asked to take part in a charity gig in work; be it a 10k run, a bungee jump or a trek up Kilimanjaro, say “yes” and see how much more fruitful life can be.

Speculate to accumulate

Sometimes, you need to put in to get out – in other words, put in some time, money and effort and success is your reward. You may have read about those people who have made a fortune selling on ebay, but that has come through graft, time and investment. Being your own boss comes with making mistakes, losing revenue, learning and starting over until you get it right. Why not start doing something you enjoy in your spare time and make it a mini business, such as upcycling furniture and selling it, or making personalised door plaques? spread your product across different channels such as Facebook, Gumtree, car boot sales etc. and you may make enough to give up your job and do your hobby full time!

Next Steps

So, this all sounds great in theory, but how do we go about doing it in practice?

  • Ditch the negative thoughts ( +people!)
  • Have an open mind towards new experiences
  • Play the game! next time there’s a radio phone in to win £500 – give them a call! it might be your lucky day
  • Invest time, money and a bit of elbow grease

Most importantly

Take time for yourself and enjoy it!