Five Ways you can make your Office More Stylish

If you’ve ever been unlucky enough to work in an office which features row after row of cubicles, or that has little to no decoration, you’ll appreciate how soul destroying this can be. Not only is it quite an oppressive workspace to be in, having such dull surroundings certainly won’t inspire you to work harder.


Fortunately there are easy ways you can make your office more stylish, which you can do yourself, or suggest to your bosses. Here are five ideas to consider:

#1 A Lick of Paint

Starting with something simple, repainting your office can really make a difference. Bright colours work well at livening the place up, but different coloured feature walls are a nice touch too.

#2 Dynamic Desks

Instead of having the previously mentioned rows of cubicles, which often only feature a desk for you to sit at, why not do away with this design structure and try something different? One option is adjustable desks which move up and down, these can allow you to stand up and work which can be a refreshing change, and indeed better for your posture. More to the point though, is they look innovative and dynamic.

#3 Green Spaces

You can have plants on desks to add a bit of greenery to the office. Alternatively, you can designate an area of the floorplan as a ‘green space’ complete with plants, comfy chairs and benches. Not only does this look better it’s a great place to take a break.

#4 Modern Designs

There’s also the option to make wholesale changes to the office. Along with the above points, other touches like replacing walls or rails with glass panelling can create a smarter, neater look. Open plan offices are also quite popular, as is using LED lighting to create different moods.

#5 Works of Art

Much like the first suggestion, another easy way to add a bit of style is to hang some artwork. You don’t need to spend big bucks to do this either, you can pick up prints and famous stills from charity shops. A few of these dotted about the office can really make a difference.

As aforementioned, you can try some of these yourself or in your next meeting put forward some of these suggestions to the management team. When you make some of these improvements, as well as being a more stylish office, you can also count on having a happier and more productive time when at work.