Enlighten: the guarantee of success for your teeth

When patients think about getting their teeth whitened, they may imagine getting bright white teeth and, for some people, the thought of this is a little concerning – who wants to be seen in outer space? But, dentists will tell you that this isn’t the case and that achieving natural and lighter and brighter teeth can have beautiful results. However, with so many different brands of teeth whitening available at dental practices, which one should patients look for? Add in the fact that if you drink coffee, red wine, or smoke, then this can make the results of some whitening systems less effective and you may be wondering what the point of trying is anyway. With Enlighten, you won’t need to ask, because Enlighten guarantees a Vita Shade B1 or lighter for everyone. A whopping 95% of patients also achieve this result in just two weeks as well.

Enlighten: become enlightened!

If you haven’t heard of Enlighten before, then this is a combined process of whitening your teeth at home and at your dental practice and you will need to find one offering this treatment. Dental practices in Stevenage offer this treatment and if you go there, your dentist Stevenage will provide you with some Enlighten Tooth Serum toothpaste to use prior to your Enlighten treatment. This paste is specially formulated to reduce sensitivity in your teeth to ensure that your treatment is as comfortable as can be. You are required to continue brushing your teeth with this while you have your teeth whitened as well.

During this preparatory phase, your dentist will also take impressions of your teeth and from these, you will receive custom-made trays. Enlighten boasts that these trays are harder than others on the market and that they have the precision fitting you need to ensure that all of your teeth get the Enlighten experience and come out shining! Next, your teeth will have a desensitising treatment, being sealed, to ensure that you will have a comfortable experience, before being sent home with your trays and teeth whitening product to put in them and wear over your teeth for two weeks, normally overnight.

At the dental practice

Once you have worn your custom-made trays for a couple of weeks, and continued brushing with the Enlighten Tooth Serum, you will then return to see your dentist and have a session in the dental practice, where they will shine a special light on your teeth to enhance the results of your treatment. Afterwards, you will then be provided with a special Evo-white whitening toothpaste to use after this treatment and once you finish with this 75ml tube, you will be able to see the full extent of your results.

The benefits

Choosing to get your teeth brightened up is a popular cosmetic treatment that is non-invasive, because you don’t have to remove any of the teeth’s surface. For patients considering this treatment, chatting to your dentist about how effective the results will be will depend on whether or not you are taking any medications that can affect the appearance of your teeth or if you have had a trauma to the teeth. The great news is, Enlighten can often help in these situations too.

So, if you are considering getting your teeth whitened, why not try Enlighten to brighten up your smile with their guarantee of success?