Decorate to Create a Warm and Cosy Home

If you are thinking about redecorating this post is for you. In it, we are going to talk about an aspect of home decor that people rarely consider, which is keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. You might already have a great relationship with your Local Tamaqua, PA dealer when it comes to getting the oil you need to heat your home (if this is what you use), but decor can also contribute to that coziness that we all seek form our homes.

We all have a tendency to only think about style when we redecorate. Often we do not pay much attention practicalities. This is only natural. When we redecorate, our visual cortex is what we engage to come up with a look that we like. The more practical, logical side of our mind tends to take a back seat while we get creative and create our vision of the perfect room.

Of course, it is good to let your mind have free reign and come up with the best design ideas. However, once you have put together the basic designs it is important to sit down and work out the practicalities, including how you are going to maintain that room at a comfortable temperature.

Furniture layout

A classic mistake that you see a lot is the layout of the furniture being all wrong. How many times have you gone into someone’s home and seen a large piece of furniture set up in front of the main radiator? It happens all the time. Effectively that homeowner is heating their furniture rather than the room. Inevitably, they have to turn the thermostat up to compensate and keep the room warm enough.

Using visual cues

Another tip is to use warm colours when you decorate. Because we are visual creatures what we see makes a big difference to how we feel.

If you go into a room that is decorated in cold colours, you will naturally feel colder than you would in a room that is decorated in colours that we associate with warmth and comfort. You can read more about the connection between colour and the emotions they bring out in us, by visiting this page.

Making the most of the warmth

Laying your furniture out so that it is close enough to the room’s heat sources can also make a big difference to how warm everyone feels. You would likely either have a heating-cooling system installed by the likes of Valley Service or similar HVAC companies, or a vintage authentic fireplace and keeping pieces like sofas and chairs near these sources can increase the warmth and coziness the occupant would feel in your house. If you have family members that feel the cold more than others do, it is always a good idea to design the room, so that their seat is located closest to the heat source.

Soft furnishings

When deciding which types of soft furnishings to use, consider incorporating some throws into your design. These can be used to snuggle up under when the weather gets cold, as well as be used for decorative effect.

Remember to shop around for the best deal

Having put in all that effort to create rooms that are easy to keep at a comfortable temperature you need to take the last step and shop around for your fuel. Firms like Super Saver Oil make it easy to find the best deal. Using their service allows you to save money on your heating bill. This is great because it gives you cash that you can then use to maintain and update your home.