4 ways to be more energy efficient

As living costs are on the rise, and pollution is having large impacts on the planet, sustainability is a popular topic. An additional benefit to sustainability is that actions towards sustainability often save you money in the long run. Many people want to try to reduce their carbon footprint but don’t know where to start. 

From electric cars and EV chargers to ducted heat pumps, see the top 4 things you can implement into your lifestyle in order to be more sustainable.

Solar panels Installation

Solar panels are more environmentally friendly for the very reason that they use solar energy from the sun instead of burning fossil fuels. They will initially cost you to install, however, this gets paid back throughout the years by reducing your energy bill drastically. 

The process involves getting a quote from a solar panel installation company as each house will require a different setup of solar panels, depending on the size and shaping of the house. From here, they will install your solar panels, solar inverter and solar battery and you can reap the benefits of free power. 

Ducted heat pump installation for heating and air conditioning

Heat pumps are the top form of heating and cooling when it comes to sustainability. While traditional heating burns gas or other harmful material, heat pumps avoid generating carbon emissions.

There are a number of different additional reasons why heat pumps will help you in becoming more energy efficient. For instance, traditional heaters tend to have to run consistently to heat your entire house. Whereas, ducted heat pumps disseminate the cool or hot air through ducts in the ceiling quickly and efficiently, so you can put them on for short, snappy periods and feel the difference for longer.

Depending on the model of heat pump you opt for, heat pumps can start at just $2000. It’s recommended to call around your local heat pump installation companies to find the best price. Like with anything, different companies will charge different prices for installation. 

Electric vehicle 

Electric vehicles avoid the burning of fossil fuels like that of gas-run vehicles. This saves large quantities of carbon dioxide disseminating into the atmosphere and polluting the air. Due to the positive benefits for the planet, electric cars will become the most popular form of transportation in years to come. In fact, in 2040, 58% of those vehicles on the road will be electric. 

Currently, EV charging stations are not as accessible as gas stations and therefore, you will benefit from a home EV charging station. A key trick is to trickle charge and never charge fully unless going long distances. This will help to extend the life of your vehicle. 

If you constantly do long distances and are worried about being caught out  with no charge, yet still want to be more sustainable, you can opt for a hybrid vehicle. This will allow you to use your  electric battery for short trips, and use gas for those longer journeys.

If you combine all three implementations – solar panel installation, ducted heat pump installation and EV charging station installation – you will significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Energy efficiency will be greatly improved so you can save money and the planet.