Taking a Bus to Save Money

Taking the Bus: How You Could Save £1000 a Year

How would you like to save at least £1000 a year? We’re not talking about having a thousand quid in your pocket, but small savings weekly that add up to £1000. Would you be prepared to leave your car at home and travel on public transport? Did you actually realise that there was such a significant cost difference? There has been some research carried out over a few different routes, and the average savings you can make by taking the bus is that magical £95 a month. Read on. Continue reading “Taking a Bus to Save Money”

Reading between the Lines When Looking to Purchase a Property

When the real estate agent is taking you on a few property viewings, they seem to heap nothing but praise on the options they’re showing you, undoubtedly thinking about that big fat cheque they’re going to get in commission. Close the deal however and you realise that you missed quite a few pointers which may very well have swayed your purchasing decision the other way. Continue reading “Reading between the Lines When Looking to Purchase a Property”

4 Most Important Qualities in a Friend

They say that a true friend is one that you couldn’t imagine your life without.  Someone who you connect with on many levels and feel a deep connection with that simply can’t be replaced.  The older you get the harder it becomes to find connections like these, so when you do come across someone that you feel special kindred something with, you should treasure that friendship.

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The Best Neighborhoods to Live in Austin

Austin is a thriving city in Texas that many people from all over the country are moving to. The economy is doing well there, which means there are plenty of great jobs to choose from. Also, the real estate market, from the rental properties in the city center to the homes for sale around Lake Austin, is diverse and affordable. And you can rest assured that you will never get bored in Austin, as there are plenty of fun things to do and see. But which neighborhoods should you stick with when moving there? Keep reading to learn about a few. Continue reading “The Best Neighborhoods to Live in Austin”

Tips To Make Being An Adult Easier

The transition from carefree wanderer in your teens and early twenties to the responsibilities of adulthood can be a tough road.  Nobody tells you that adulting is all about work, household chores, and paying bills.  There are, however, a few ways to make sure that you handle all that stress that comes with adulthood and make the transition a little easier.  Here are a few tips, so take note so adulthood won’t seem as rough as it seems.

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3 Ways Being a Dog Owner Can Make You a Better Person

Some people have no idea about the potential joy that can come out of dog ownership. All they see is an extra mouth to feed and a furry ball that poops and pees.  Little do they know, however, that dogs are incredibly intelligent and sensitive creatures who can bring an incredible amount of joy to your life.

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5 Ways To Get Off The Couch In 2017

The New Year is just around the corner, and already many of us have already begun to think about our resolutions.  The most common issue that arises with most people during the new year is health.  What can be done to increase health for the family for the individual?  Here are a few of the top suggestions for ways to get off the couch in 2017.   Continue reading “5 Ways To Get Off The Couch In 2017”