5 Ways To Get Off The Couch In 2017

The New Year is just around the corner, and already many of us have already begun to think about our resolutions.  The most common issue that arises with most people during the new year is health.  What can be done to increase health for the family for the individual?  Here are a few of the top suggestions for ways to get off the couch in 2017.   Continue reading “5 Ways To Get Off The Couch In 2017”

5 Outward Signs of Healthy Lifestyles

There’s something to be said for outward appearances when it comes to presenting yourself as having a healthy lifestyle. For sure, there are internal indications, and there are emotional reconciliations that are just as important as how you look, but if you want to communicate to the outside world that you’re fit and satisfied, there are ways to make sure that happens effectively. Continue reading “5 Outward Signs of Healthy Lifestyles”

3 Key Steps For Creating A Better Life For Yourself

As a child, you spend your days carefree. The only thing on your mind is the moment and what you want to do in that moment. Would you rather watch this television show or that one? Would you rather play with this toy or the one over there? Often, it’s all of the above because children have a way of jumping from one thing to another and turning the once clean house into an active place of pandemonium. Continue reading “3 Key Steps For Creating A Better Life For Yourself”

Pros and Cons of Some Cultural Exploration

The information age has given us a chance to explore human cultures all around the world in ways never dreamed of before. Not too long ago in the past, the only ways to explore a different culture were to physically go there. Now, we can preview almost anything by digital means before taking that leap into actual experience.

Continue reading “Pros and Cons of Some Cultural Exploration”

Teaching Your Family Health & Safety Of The Senses

When you think of health and safety when it comes to your family, it’s likely your mind goes to eating right and wearing a helmet when you ride your bicycle. However, some of the most commonly overlooked things on the human body are your senses. If you have great vision, can hear when people talk to you, taste and smell your food, and feel another person’s touch, it’s pretty likely you spend most of your time taking these five senses for granted. But you shouldn’t.

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