Common Household Irritants and How To Get Rid of Them

For as much as you love your home, there are always going to be things in your household that irritate you. It’s just a part of living in a place with a family where everyone has an active schedule, and it seems that not everyone spends the most time trying to figure out how to keep everything clean and uncluttered. Continue reading “Common Household Irritants and How To Get Rid of Them”

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Installing a Hot Tub – What the Process Entails

If you have any knowledge about what it used to entail to install one of those hot tubs of years gone by, you’ll be happy to learn that these days installation is a bit less of a cumbersome process with no need for something like a shell to be built into the decking or anything of that sort. The typical hot tub you’d get these days comes in more of a stand-alone form, which is great news because that means installation pretty much just entails placement and some wiring.

The actual process itself, however, is not as simple as it may seem, especially if you consider it from a costs point of view.

For starters, you need to identify a place to put the hot tub, which sounds simple enough, except if you take into account the typical design of most decks, patios and porches, they’re not that well-suited to house something as heavy as a hot tub. It would need to go on a flat surface so some levelling may be required with concrete posing even more of a problem since concrete patios and the likes often have an angle built into them for drainage away from the house. Your hot tub would have an uneven water level on such a surface, so there would be extra costs associated with prepping the environment to house hot tub.

Porches and decks have the same problem and can’t support the weight of a hot tub as is, which means you’d have to have it reinforced, perhaps with some support beams that are 6×6 inches in size. You’d have to have angle brackets inserted in the corners to form a solid wooden square and have holes drilled into the beams so that the longitudinal sections of the steel re-barring can go into the holes and secure the beams to the ground – all of which sounds like some work for someone who knows exactly what they’re doing and certainly not a regular DIY job.

About 6 inches of gravel will fill the space to level off the tub.

All of this is really just so that the tub can be accessed from any angle, which sounds simple enough, but all the work that goes into making sure it sits on a level surface can get pretty expensive.

The wiring for the hot tub is a whole other story in itself, which might mean that you’d have to get someone completely different to complete that job. You’d need to get in an electrician unless you’re adequately skilled to run a 220V wire yourself as part of the required heavy duty wiring of around 40 to 60 amps the hot tub would need.

You’d also need to have a service disconnect installed so that whenever the service man or you does some maintenance on the hot tub it can be disconnected from any active features it has. That’s not all – the circuit breaker must kick in and work compatibly with your home’s electrical connections and then comes all the active maintenance once the hot tub is in full use, like having to replace the filters.

If all of this sounds a bit much, then looking into a hot tub holiday in the UK might be something you want to consider. There are so many options and you’ll be spoilt for choice, this site has a great guide which can help you choose and prepare.

Why Does Wood Effect Porcelain Flooring Beat Hardwood?

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Prep Your Patio For Summer Entertaining With These 4 Tips

How you style your home plays a big role in whether or not your house is an entertaining hotspot or something of a social dead zone. If you don’t have somewhere to serve drinks and your furniture is covered in dog hair, it’s unlikely that all of your friends are going to be gathering in your living room. On the other hand, if you’ve got space for games and a great sound system then everyone is going to want to come over. Continue reading “Prep Your Patio For Summer Entertaining With These 4 Tips”

Decorate to Create a Warm and Cosy Home

If you are thinking about redecorating this post is for you. In it, we are going to talk about an aspect of home decor that people rarely consider, which is keeping your home at a comfortable temperature.

We all have a tendency to only think about style when we redecorate. Often we do not pay much attention practicalities. This is only natural. When we redecorate, our visual cortex is what we engage to come up with a look that we like. The more practical, logical side of our mind tends to take a back seat while we get creative and create our vision of the perfect room. Continue reading “Decorate to Create a Warm and Cosy Home”

Are You Ready To Buy A Vacation Home?

Not everyone will have the luxury of owning a vacation home, and it takes a good investment to have one. It can be a great thing to own, but for some people, a timeshare is a cheaper and better option. If you’ve been thinking about buying a vacation home, here are some things you should consider in order to determine if it’s the right option for you at this time.

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