A Guide to Building with Wood

It’s a practice you perhaps see more commonly in North America, particularly in the United States, where people use a lot of wood as the main structural material for their sheds and even their houses. Brick-and-mortar buildings are becoming more of a preference among newer home owners, otherwise there are countless instances in which most of the older houses are almost completely built out of wood. Beyond it being a cost-saving practice, sometimes building with wood is more of a conscious choice of style than anything else, especially with regards to structures such s logwood homes and something like a cabin in the woods. Continue reading “A Guide to Building with Wood”

Tips For Creating A Wardrobe That Makes You Happy

Your wellness is about more than just your health. It’s also about your mindset, and there are certain things that can really help you get in the right frame of mind each and every day. One of those things is feeling good about yourself, and amazingly, your wardrobe can have a decent affect on how you feel about ‘you’ each and every day. Continue reading “Tips For Creating A Wardrobe That Makes You Happy”

Mapping Your Home To Your Cultural Roots

Your home is your castle. And it can represent an incredible amount about you. So not only do you have to consider the practical and logical aspects of living and moving through your daily life experiences, you have to consider what your home says, stylistically, about your character, history, and even viewpoints on life. Continue reading “Mapping Your Home To Your Cultural Roots”

Tips For Adding Floral Beauty To Your Home And Yard

It’s spring, and heading toward summer, and many of you have flowers on the brain. From fashionable floral print dresses and summer tops, to flowers growing in your yard, the warm time of the year is all about cultivating and adding some color to help brighten the already bright days. It’s pretty easy to add some color to your home, inside and out, using flowers. Continue reading “Tips For Adding Floral Beauty To Your Home And Yard”

3 Ways to Keep The Carpets In Your Home Cleaner

When it comes to our homes, it’s always a better environment to be in when the level of cleanliness is up to a certain standard. And while most things just become easier to handle around the house when they’re clean, having a clean carpet will not only make you feel better about your home, but it will also make you feel better in your home. Many allergens and other irritants can get easily trapped in your home’s carpet, potentially causing you and your family some health issues. To fight against this, here are three tips for keeping the carpets of your home cleaner and your family healthier.

Continue reading “3 Ways to Keep The Carpets In Your Home Cleaner”

How Secure Is Your Home?

With lots of us having received shiny new gadgets over the Christmas period, it pays to be concerned about your home security. Even if your home isn’t full of riches, protecting your family is worth every penny. If you’ve had doubts about your home security, it’s time to wise up and look at what you can do to increase security on your home. Fortunately, making your home more secure doesn’t have to take much time or money – most thieves target empty looking homes, so looking present can be deterrent enough.  Continue reading “How Secure Is Your Home?”

Stylish ways to bring wooden décor into your home

Wood can really bring a home to life. It gives a fresh, natural, uncomplicated feel that suggests simple, uncluttered living and relaxation. There are many ways to use wood in your home besides going for the rustic look. Antique wooden furniture can suggest sophistication and elegance, while brightly coloured pieces create a vibrant modern look without the artificiality of plastics or man-made material. And where a fabric sofa will soon look tatty and tired due to everyday wear and tear, a wooden piece just needs a new lick of paint to get it looking brand new again.

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Starting a family? Use this helpful guide to find the perfect home


When thinking about a home in which to start a family, you have more to think about than whether you like the house. It might tick all of the boxes on the inside – character features, the right amount of bedrooms and a garden – but you also have to consider the location of the home. The location is the only thing about the home that cannot be changed. You can redecorate, renovate and extend the home on the inside to make it exactly as you want, but if the local area does not meet your needs, you will soon want to move again.

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