5 Outward Signs of Healthy Lifestyles

There’s something to be said for outward appearances when it comes to presenting yourself as having a healthy lifestyle. For sure, there are internal indications, and there are emotional reconciliations that are just as important as how you look, but if you want to communicate to the outside world that you’re fit and satisfied, there are ways to make sure that happens effectively. Continue reading “5 Outward Signs of Healthy Lifestyles”

How To Live A More Attuned And Healthy Life

How well do you know your own body and mind? Can you tell, on a busy day, when you just haven’t had enough water to drink or maybe haven’t gotten a certain vitamin in your system? Some people are so attuned to their own body’s that they can tell exactly when something is missing, and can even know what they’re missing by the particular feeling they are having. Continue reading “How To Live A More Attuned And Healthy Life”

How Athletes Move On After Suffering the Effects of Using Performance Enhancers

I’m by no means advocating any sort of banned substance use through this post, but I reckon it’s worth taking a look into the world of post performance-enhancement use in professional athletes, particularly with regards to bodybuilders who notoriously turn towards taking anabolic steroids to beef up quickly and quite intensively. Continue reading “How Athletes Move On After Suffering the Effects of Using Performance Enhancers”

Getting Your Gym Buddy to Be as Committed as You Are

Look, since I’m somewhat of an advocate for avoiding excuses such as not having a gym membership preventing you from achieving your fitness goals, “gym” in this instance is used as a verb and can be interchanged with anything that involves the act of exercising with one or more other people with whom you share the common interest of working on your fitness. For those who consider themselves lucky enough to have a gym membership however, it’s hard enough getting regular exercise when you only have yourself to push you to realise your fitness goals, but if you are that committed already, well done. Continue reading “Getting Your Gym Buddy to Be as Committed as You Are”

Things You Can Do To Avoid Awkward Body Growths

Everybody knows that bodies can either be extremely beautiful, or outright gross. Imagine the days where baths were only taken once a year, people dumped their waste into the streets, and people were forced to be dressed head to toe in layers upon layers of clothing in the hottest and most humid of climates.


Continue reading “Things You Can Do To Avoid Awkward Body Growths”

Three Ways To Cut Your Carbon Footprint

With energy crises debated in the news, it’s difficult to ignore the fact that sustainability is a big issue for Brits today. Many local councils are already implementing initiatives for reducing waste and recycling household rubbish in order to address these problems, there is always more to be done. If you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint but aren’t sure how, here’s some quick ideas to start with small changes in the home.

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