How Does It Feel to Use a Bath Lift?

Everyone knows how to use a walk-in bathtub. You open the door, sit down, turn on the water, and then let the water drain before you open the door and get out again. However, people are less sure exactly how bath lifts work, which is a shame since bath lifts offer several advantages of walk-in tubs, including:

  • Lower installation cost
  • Ability to work with your current tub
  • Allows you to bathe lying down instead of sitting up
  • Enables you to get out before draining the bath

With that in mind, it’s well worth learning exactly how a bath lift works.

Seat Yourself on the Saddleband

You’ll start by sitting on the saddleband. This is a thin but wide length of material that is automatically tightened once at the top of the bath to provide flawless support.

Lower Yourself into the Water

Once you find yourself sitting comfortably and steadily, you simply press the down button on either the unit itself or the floating remote control. The saddleband will then start gently and steadily lowering you down into the tub. If you ever feel insecure, you can stop and settle yourself at any time. The unit’s comfort slider will help ensure you experience zero discomfort.

Enjoy Your Bath

Once your body is resting along the bottom of the bath, you can entirely forget about the bath lift and relax as you normally would. One of the main benefits that comes with a band-based bath lift is being lowered right to the bottom of the bath instead of remaining suspended slightly above the surface, so you can lie back and enjoy a soothing soak.

Raise Yourself Up

When you’ve finished bathing, all you need to do is repeat the process in reverse. Press the up switch to have the saddleband gently tighten around your body before lifting you up out of the tub.

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